Must listen Tarana

Well while I was browsing I came accross this tarana .I was surprised to listen to it after a very long time.The music is great and it suggests that as if it is a War Anthem.

In fact it is not ,it is about mobilising the whole society,standing against all injustice,challenging everything wrong and standing up for right.

Men and women together,marching on,fighting the evils of society .Also it carries the message of social equality,justice ,freedom independance,strength,struggle of life and of course biggest of all SELF DEFENCE and self reliance.

I am just thinking best humour in Urdu was written by some of the army men.Shafiq-ur-Rehman’s Hamaqtain and Mazeed Hamaqtain are two books full of commic situations and a soldier flirting with life.

Captain Ishfaq Hussain’s Gentleman Bismillah,Gentleman Alhamdulillah were good reads as well.



  1. Rafay Kashmiri said

    @ was this milli naghma written by

    1. Faiz ?
    2. Jalib ?
    3. Faraz ?
    4. Sayyedah Abidah Hussain PML-Q now in PPP ?

    Answer : ……………………………….?

    Musique was certainly not composed by Pak Army Band !

  2. Dont know but I would like to know.It is fantastic.

  3. Rafay Kashmiri said

    @ I am very impressed by Pakistan Army Band version of

    ” ai mard-e-mujahid jag zara ab waqt Shahadat he aya ”
    Allah-o-Akbar……….” hair raising, watching them march
    and advance like a Sunami. I saw once even Turkish and Iranian
    army play it. We need those milli Naghmas. good to give Indians
    some loose motions.

  4. dr.jawwadkhan said

    farrah k raja!
    the writers from the army are not the first grade writers.they are good but not the best.
    best humor is only written mushtaq yousufi. do read him. i just quote few lines from his book:
    ” jab bhee aaynay men dekhta hoon to khaliq e kainat ki sannaee per eiman mutazalzal honay lagta hey”
    the best humor i have ever read.

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